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BayCenSI - Center for Stable Isotope Research in Ecology and Biogeochemistry

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Students working in the lab using different IRMS techniques

Teaching SI Techniques

The "natural" ratio of a heavy isotope to its lighter and mostly more abundant isotope is coined "natural abundance" (N.A., not to be confused with "not available"). We teach hands-on courses and theoretical background in lectures, seminars, and summer schools...   ...more

a picture showing the GC/C setup for highly enriched samples


The BayCenSI offers a broad range of stable isotope measurements. We are also actively expanding our range of methods. Please get in contact with us concerning your special analytical need / expertise.  ...more

Stepping Stones are forming a walk-able path throuch obsticles

Stepping Stones

Everyone can apply for our limited stepping stones funds, which facilitate small explorative studies free off charge ...  ...more

Bayreuth Center for Stable Isotope Research in Ecology and Biogeochemistry

The DFG-funded Stable Isotope Core Facility BayCenSI builds on long-term expertise in stable isotope research.

We offer innovative and sophisticated stable isotope analytics to local, national, and international researchers. Embedded in the BayCEER research center, our expertise lies in the area of ecosystem ecology; spanning plants, microbes, soil, water, and interactions within. For more information have a look at our projects.

The BayCenSI is committed to enhancing the applicability of stable isotope analysis. To achieve this goal, we welcome collaborations with researchers worldwide to develop new analytical methods. Our stepping stones program provides initial funding for such collaborations. Summerschools, lectures, and workshops provide hands-on training and theoretical background to stable isotope research. For questions concerning the submission of regular samples please have a look at our FAQs and contact us through our form. A list of instruments and applications can be found here.

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