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AgrOr – a holistic system for grain authenticity testing (variety, varietal purity, origin, cultivation method, unknown adulteration) using a combination of stable isotope analysis and various spectral fingerprinting methods.

AgrOr - Subproject 3

Von 04/2017 bis 09/2019

Project Manager: Gerhard Gebauer
Contributors: Carina Bauer, Stefan G. Bindereif

Within the scope of this project, methods are being developed which ensure varietal purity, geographical origin, cultivation method as well as product quality of wheat, spelt, rye and barley along the entire value chain. The potential of different analytical methods (NMR, IRMS, LCMS, Raman, N/MIR spectroscopy) and their combinations will be determined to identify and, if necessary, quantify constituents - including quality-determining ingredients - in the cereals. In particular, it will be investigated whether origin, cultivation method and varietal purity can be identified and distinguished on the basis of the obtained ingredient profiles. In addition, the analytical results of the samples will be correlated with the results of food analytical methods (e.g. protein content, moisture, falling number, etc.) in order to examine whether/which applied methods can be used to predict origins as well as quality parameters and baking properties. Furthermore, corresponding spectral databases will be established for the investigated grains and the applicability to higher processed products will be investigated.

Subproject 3 is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwarzinger (BIOmac).

The BayCEER - Laboratory for Isotope Biogeochemistry was responsible for the isotope analysis in the project.


• Bindereif, S., Rüll, F., Kolb, P., Köberle, L., Willms, H., Steidele, S., Schwarzinger, S., Gebauer, G.: Impact of Global Climate Change on the European Barley Market Requires Novel Multi-Method Approaches to Preserve Crop Quality and Authenticity. Foods, 10(7), No. 1592 (2021). doi:10.3390/foods10071592

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