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BayCenSI - Center for Stable Isotope Research in Ecology and Biogeochemistry

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Former Projects of the IGB


  • Food origin classification: Mushrooms and cocoa
    Stefan G. Bindereif, Gerhard Gebauer [more]

  • AgrOr – a holistic system for grain authenticity testing (variety, varietal purity, origin, cultivation method, unknown adulteration) using a combination of stable isotope analysis and various spectral fingerprinting methods.
    Carina Bauer, Stefan G. Bindereif, Gerhard Gebauer [more]

  • Does partial mycoheterotrophy also occur in arbuscular mycorrhiza? A multi-element isotope abundance analysis.
    Philipp Giesemann, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Investigation of ecological food webs on windthrow areas in the Bavarian Forest National Park by means of stable isotope analysis
    Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Partial mycoheterotrophy in orchids
    Julienne Schweiger, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Isotopic N Exchange at Critical Landscape Interfaces
    Silvia Parra Suárez, Gerhard Gebauer, Stefan Peiffer, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park [more]


  • Quantification and process analysis of biogenic trace gas fluxes
    Julia Köpp, Gerhard Gebauer, Werner Borken [more]

  • Comparisons of N2O and CH4 fluxes as affected by land use systems and climate in small catchments in Korea
    Sina Berger, Gerhard Gebauer, Hojeong Kang [more]


  • Partial mycoheterotrophy in orchids
    Katja Preiß, Marcus Stöckel, Iris Adam, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Nitrogen transport between mycorrhizal fungi and mycoheterotrophic plants
    Katja Preiß, Gerhard Gebauer [more]

  • Quantification and process distinction of biogenic trace gas fluxes
    Stefanie Goldberg, Jan Muhr, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Gerhard Gebauer, Werner Borken [more]


  • Forest Carbon - Nitrogen Trajectories
    Anette Gräff, Kerstin Löblich-Ille, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Above ground uptake of nitrogen
    Jutta Lauf, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Controlling Gaseous Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Grassland Farming Systems in Europe
    Jutta Lauf, Nicole Wrage, Jens Tilsner, Gerhard Gebauer [more]

  • Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Forest Ecosystems
    Gerhard Gebauer, Guntram Bauer, Michaela Hein, Ernst-Detlef Schulze [more]


  • Nitrate balance in trees with dispersed-porous (Fagus sylvatica L.) and ring-porous wood (Quercus petraea [Matt.] Liebl.).
    Christoph May, Gerhard Gebauer [more]


  • Above ground uptake of nitrogen
    Gerhard Gebauer, Jutta Lauf, Ernst-Detlef Schulze [more]

  • Uptake of Ammonium and Nitrate in Forest Trees
    Gerhard Gebauer, Christoph May, Gisela Schmidt, Ernst-Detlef Schulze [more]


  • Studies on nitrate reduction of Fraxinus excelsior L. and Quercus robur L. at different nitrogen supply levels.
    Jutta Stadler, Christoph May, Gerhard Gebauer [more]

  • Nitrogen Physiology of Forest Plants and Soils
    Gerhard Gebauer, Guntram Bauer, Ernst-Detlef Schulze [more]

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